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Do perfumes lose their smell

It’s a very important and interesting question that, Do perfumes lose their smell. how to know about that our perfume expired will we use it or not. In this blog I tell you about, Do perfumes lose their smell.  

Does Perfume Expire?

According to King, different aromatic compounds are used to create the base, middle, and top notes of perfumes, while the oils may come either from natural or synthetic sources. Most fragrance makers will recommend that you throw away your bottle after one to three years (check your label), but since fragrance doesn’t expire in the same way that food does, it’s sometimes OK to keep using a bottle for four or even five years.

How to Know When Your Perfume Has Expired

“There is usually a significant change in the top note’s smell (this is frequently where the changes occur first), and there may also be a change in the liquid’s color.” According to King, “most scents have an oil-like colour, which is yellowish, and when they go bad, they can turn a darker brown.”

The aromatics that last the longest are highly chemically stable. Pallez continues, “Wood notes, amber, and leather are quite stable, even after three years.”

Alcholic Perfumes :-

how to know, Do perfumes lose their smell. The longest-lasting perfumes are those with a high alcohol concentration because the alcohol stops the aromatic molecules from oxidizing. Although you might believe that alcohol should be avoided in cosmetic products, the opposite is generally true when it comes to perfume. The most important preservative for a perfume’s integrity is alcohol. According to Pallez, “These are often colognes or eau de toilettes with 90 percent alcohol.” The best longevity you can expect is when it’s less concentrated. A scent typically contains 70%–90% alcohol, which supports preservatives.

Tips to make your perfume last longer

Keep perfume away from light :-

 The worst place to store fragrance if you want to keep its freshness is on your window sill, despite the fact that it may look cute to do so. Light will break down the molecules of a scent, making its composition unstable and prone to decay. If you do that your scent don’t loose their smell.

Keep perfume away from heat :-

Do perfumes lose their smell. However, heat will cause fragrance molecules to break and change chemically. keeping the aroma at or below 59 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius. Long advises against keeping scents in the bathroom as well. Utilize it until the bottle is empty- If you have a large collection of perfumes, rotate your collection so that the lowest-priced bottles are used up first and the remaining bottles are stored in a closet or drawer. When a bottle is half empty, the oxygen inside increases the risk of change.

Store in a cool place :-

The fridge is a good choice for maintaining the correct temperature for your scent. But if everyone in the family is constantly opening the fridge’s door and lighting up the inside, it’s not the ideal place. You might keep your fragrance frozen instead of wrapping it in aluminium foil. Because perfume contains alcohol, it does not freeze and has a chilly feel to it. 

How Long Do Perfumes Last After Being Unopened ?

Depending on the perfume and storage conditions, unopened bottles can keep for years (from a few years to a couple of decades) when stored in a cold, dry place. “Once you are using a bottle, use it or lose it,” the phrase goes. “Beware the “vintage” find, as the top notes are usually off by the time you get it.”


Maintaining the lifetime of your fragrance requires attention. Additionally, by correctly applying your scent, you can enhance its effect. Avoid applying perfume to your pulse points because your body heat will cause some of the notes to dissipate. Instead, apply to damp, moist skin to lock in the scent and enjoy every last drop. Now you know the answer of do perfumes lose their smell.


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