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top perfumes for women on a budget.

It can take years to find a unique scent that accurately captures your personality and range of favourite notes. It should come as no surprise that fragrance is a beauty necessity that is well recognised for being quite personal, with each scent smelling different on the user. While we understand that choosing just a few favourites can be difficult, in this blog I will discuss the top perfumes for women on a budget. 

1. The Body Shop Vanilla Eau De Toilette

Price30 ml at INR 995

About It-

This eau de toilette has warm, sweet vanilla as its main note, making it fresh, light, and extremely pleasant. This is one of the nice perfume in, Top perfumes for women- under budget.

Customers  reviews
  • People adore the floral vanilla scent with its smoky notes.
  • I’ve been asked multiple times what perfume I’m wearing at work.
  • Despite the small bottle, the product provides great value.
  • Not too heavy nor too light

2. Nykaa Love Struck Perfume 

Price 50 ml at INR 699

About It-

This affordable perfume line from Nykaa features a number of flowery, fruity, and musky aromas and is focused on the emotion of love.

Customers  reviews
  • My favourite selection from the collection is Hidden Blush; the perfume is amazing!
  • Simply Stay With Me has such a lovely and energetic aroma.
  • I adore the bottle’s appearance, and the aroma is divine—mild, discreet, and lasting.

3. The Body Shop Strawberry Eau De Toilette

Price – 30 ml at INR 995

About It-

According to its name, this perfume has a sweet, fruity aroma with strong strawberry undertones.

Customers reviews
  • While I am allergic to scents, this one surprise made me feel good.
  • The scent is quite enticing and lasting.
  • ideal for the summer!
  • Fresh and sweet

4. Body Cupid Rose Oud Eau De Parfum

Price -100 ml at INR 540

About It-

an herbal, dusty, and woody note-balanced scent that is deep and strong. With base notes of musk, orange blossoms, and cedar, this EDP from Body Cupid overflows with the scents of rose and cinnamon.

Customers reviews
  • The fragrance has a strong rose component and is very floral and feminine.
  • Rose undertones that are nice and moderate in a long-lasting perfume spray
  • I advise using this perfume for night time occasions.
  • The scent is somewhat overpowering, which suits me fine but may not appeal to someone who prefers more delicate scents.

5. Nike Women Gold EDT

Price 100 ml at INR 892

About It-

The scent is generally sweet, rich, and on the stronger side, with floral undertones and a touch of musky spices. It’s also a, Top Perfumes for women-under budget.

Customers reviews
    • A stronger nighttime fragrance with a strong and deep aroma
    • The scent stays for quite some time.
    • On a tight budget, this is the best option if you enjoy strong fragrances.
    • I feel like a princess because of the perfume.

6. MINISO Blooming 

Price – 30 ml 342 

About It-

With the goodness Pink Pepper, Pear, Black Currant.

Customers reviews
  • The fragrance and packaging both appealed to me.
  • I liked the bottle, the bright colour, the strong aroma, and how light the perfume was. wonderful gift, a lovely thing.
  • The small is nice it’s like Jasmine.

7. Envy Women 

Price 60ML 240 

About It-

The blend of floral, citrus, and green elements produces a stylish and lovely perfume.

Customers reviews
  • favourite of mine due to the fragrance’s enduring power.
  • nice smooth scent, especially for those who enjoy light and elegant smell. Thx
  • lovely aroma Not as gentle and not as powerful. keeps you cool and refreshed all day. If you’re searching for a natural perfume that won’t give you a headache, I’d say go ahead and get it. must be purchased.
  • In my opinion this is the best perfumes, Top perfumes for women-Under Budget. 

8. RENEE Bloom

Price 15ml 299 

About It-

Bloom from RENEE has a longer-lasting effect because it is more concentrated than other body sprays.

Customers reviews
  • This perfume by Renee has nothing to dislike. The most incredible fragrance The finest feature is that it has a lasting scent and is packaged in a stylish, small bottle that is convenient to carry in a pocket or handbag. comes at a very low price. I recommend it to everyone.
  • It smells amazing and is excellent, but it was a touch costly for the quantity they were offering when I ordered it based on reviews.

I hope that how you don’t have confusion, on top perfumes for women-under budget. 


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